If Love’s a Sweet Passion, why does it torment?

If a Bitter, oh tell me whence comes my content?

Since I suffer with pleasure, why should I complain,

Or grieve at my Fate, when I know ’tis in vain?

Yet so pleasing the Pain, so soft is the Dart,

That at once it both wounds me, and tickles my Heart.



How happy the Lover,

How easy his Chain,

How pleasing his Pain!

How sweet to discover

He sighs not in vain.

For Love ev’ry Creature

Is form’d by his Nature;

No Joys are above

The Pleasures of Love.


In vain are our Graces,

In vain are your Eyes,

If Love you despise;

When Age furrows Faces,

’Tis time to be wise.

Then use the short Blessing,

That flies in Possessing:

No Joys are above

The Pleasures of Love.